How Breast Augmentation Is Similar to Organ Transplantation

How Breast Augmentation Is Similar to Organ Transplantation

The medical procedure of organ transplantation is more often than not life-saving in nature. Meanwhile, a breast implant provided by Motiva is more focused on allowing women to attain their dream bodies and feel confident. On the surface, the two may not seem very similar. However, the reality is quite different. There are numerous aspects that organ transplantation and breast augmentation share.

Both Begin With a Consultation

To assess the viability and appropriateness of organ transplantation surgery, the patient will be consulted by the medical staff. Similarly, people interested in getting a breast implant from Motiva will first speak with their plastic surgeons. This will give clients the chance to express their goals so that Motiva can work towards achieving them.

Both Procedures Are Surgical in Nature

In order to fulfill an organ transplantation or a breast augmentation, surgery will have to take place. In the case of the former, this surgery tends to be much more serious. This is because the patient’s life and post-surgical health will be on the line. Meanwhile, Motiva procedures are far safer and are done primarily for cosmetic reasons. However, they both use trained professionals who prioritize the well-being of their patients.

Patients Are Usually Put Under

While breast implant procedures are less serious than organ transplantation, general anesthetic is an integral part of both. Patients are put under anesthetic so that all of the surgery can be performed while they are asleep. When Motiva patients awaken, they will have a breast size and shape that they desire. Meanwhile, transplantation patients will awaken with a healthy organ replacement.

Patients Are Given a Choice

Motiva emphasizes the importance of the choice of their clients. Breast augmentation by this company is, in many ways, a collaboration between the plastic surgery team and patient. Preference is also a crucial part of organ transplantation. Surgeons will give their own advice and recommendations. However, the patient will always have the choice to opt-out. One exception to this is if they are in a coma when they arrive at the hospital.

Mental Health Aspects

Post-surgery mental health is another aspect of both procedures. A Motiva client may feel much more confident and happier. Meanwhile, an organ transplantation recipient will hopefully gain an improved quality of life, which in turn positively affects their psychological well-being.