Increasing Rates of Organ Donation

Increasing Rates of Organ Donation

The UK Government has to be involved in many different services and industries. The medical industry is not excluded from this. Health Care is a major part of the government’s responsibilities. This is why they are actively involved in transplantation. They are taking proactive steps to try and increase the rates of donors needed for transplantation.


One of the ways the government are trying to do this is through finding out what public opinion is. They are attempting to do this through consultation. In order to get a clear understanding and to keep the topic on track, they are going to provide some presentations to the public.

Donation By Choice

It is up to every individual to choose if they want to donate an organ or organs upon their death. They do this by giving their consent prior to death. That way upon death the necessary steps can be taken for the extraction of the organs.

Opt-In Method

One way that an individual can make it known that they want to donate their organs is with an opt-in method. They make a declaration that they want to do this. The family and healthcare professionals are aware of this.

Opt-Out Method

The UK government is considering an opt-out method where it would automatically be assumed that an individual is willing to donate their organs. To change this they would have to remove themselves from a donor list.

This is a big undertaking for the UK government. They want to be sure that the people are behind them before going ahead with this proposal. There are some that are for the organ donation opt out system and some that are against it.