Are Transplant Recipients Kept Safe?

Are Transplant Recipients Kept Safe?

An individual that is in need of an organ transplant is in a very stressful situation. They have to deal with a lot of emotions. When an organ has become available to someone that is is in dire need, they are very grateful. But at the same time, it raises some serious questions for them. One of their biggest concerns is that the organ is safe and healthy.

Organs From Cancer Donors

The country is facing a massive shortage of organs for transplantation. As a result, organs that have been used from deceased cancer patients have caused concern for some.

It has to be remembered that the teams who take care of organ transplants are very dedicated and make sure that every risk is mitigated as much as possible. They will go through a stringent evaluation process to ensure that the organ being donated is going to be safe. There are many different types of cancer that do not affect specific organs and therefore are deemed safe for the transplant.

Minimal Risk

Research has shown that it is very rare for a transplanted organ from a cancer patient to cause cancer in the recipient. However, there is always a risk, but it is considered to be very rare. The organs used from cancer patients will be limited to those with only specific types of cancer.

Many patients that are in need of a transplant know that this may be the only hope available to them as time is running out for them. In many cases, they are prepared to take the risk as it may be their only chance for survival.