Morals and Ethics in Transplantation

Morals and Ethics in Transplantation

An individual in a life-threatening situation may require a transplantation. This may raise some moral issues for some people. There are concerns for the donor and the recipient.

The Recipient

The recipient often feels guilty that someone else has lost their life in order for them to be able to live theirs. They wonder about the morality behind this and it poses difficult ethical dilemmas.

The Donor

The donor feels that they are doing a good thing by donating their organs. They may question whether this is the right thing to do in today’s society. Some family members may be adverse to a donors decision. It really is a decision that should be discussed within the family, however, the donor should be the one that makes the final decision.

The Ethics

The ethics behind transplantation has created a challenge for the UK government when it comes to setting up some sort of plan to encourage more donors. They struggle with having an opt-in system compared to an opt-out system.

Transplantation is not a subject the comes with easy answers. The ethical and moral questions come down to the decision of the individual.