Misconceptions about Transplantations

Misconceptions about Transplantations

organ donation myths

When an individual starts to become interested in organ donation they will often make this known to other people around them. A lot of myths can be passed from one person to another. Interested individuals should seek out accurate information and speak to the proper health professionals who will give them valid information.

Critical Care Needs

Some individuals are concerned that if they have listed themselves as a donor, all attempts to save their life in the case of a medical emergency will be limited. This is not the case. Every effort that would normally be put into saving a life will apply to donors. Donors should never fear that they will not be treated with the same medical proficiency.

Transplant Plantation Procedure

Organs are not removed until after death. The donor conditions are very stringent in that the individual must have died in a hospital setting and under specific conditions. The organ removal and transport to the potential recipient must be followed by a very strict protocol. Anything outside of this could be regarded as negligence.

Living Donations

There are possibilities for a living individual to donate one of their organs. In these cases, the proper surgical procedures will be well planned and implemented. Every care will be taken for both the donor and recipient. An organ will not be used unless it meets all of the stringent criteria that has been put in place.


Another concern and myth is in relation to organ donations and the possibility that it will disfigure the body. The removal of an organ is done through a surgical procedure with as much care as a medical procedure on a living person. The surgery and the postoperative procedures are completed with great respect and follow strict medical procedures.

Organ Doner Prevention

It is not uncommon for people to feel like they have some medical condition which disqualifies them from becoming an organ donor. In some cases this is true but it may not prevent the donor from donating their organs to research. There are a lot of health conditions that will not affect organ donation. Even some cancer patients can still be a donor. Many people with medical conditions have donated and felt it was one of the most rewarding experiences of their life.