UK Government Organ Decision Support

UK Government Organ Decision Support

The UK Government knows that it will be making a big decision if its goes for the opt-out plan for organ donation. What this plan means is that it will automatically assume that a deceased person is willing to donate their organs. This is unless they have specifically removed themselves from the donor registrar. This kind of program is one that has to be considered with the utmost care. Some individuals in the UK will be for this, while there will be others that are against it.

The government also has to consider how the medical profession will accept this. Some of the concern about this has been lifted and the present consensus is that many in the medical field support the opt-out plan.

The government recognizes how many deaths are taking place that wouldn’t be necessary if the transplant organs had been available. Those that are on the transplant waiting list of course favor the opt-out plan. They know all to well what it is like to live day to day while waiting for a donor organ to become available.

Still it is going to come down to choice. This should be the right of everyone.