Organ Donation Dialogue Encouraged

Organ Donation Dialogue Encouraged

The Welsh Government is encouraging their citizens to have open discussions about organ donations. There are a lot of people that think about organ donation in Wales but their decisions never comes to pass.

There are a few reasons for this. Some people advise their families that this is something they wish to do. However, upon death their wishes are often not carried out. Many the loved ones cannot bring themselves to sign the consent for organ donation. The Welsh Government has recognized this. For this reason they are promoting more intense conversations among family members that would have previously overlooked the topic in years past.

Death is a hard topic to talk about and is one that is often avoided. Those who would be willing to donate their organs refrain from making their wishes known for this reason. The government hopes that by raising awareness of the topic of organ donation that it will spur on more conversations.

There are options to sign onto the donor list. Individuals can also make their wishes known. Better yet they can put this in writing to avoid family confrontations.