Looking Back at Transplantation

Looking Back at Transplantation

The transplantation of organs really does have quite a history. Many are not aware of this. There are many challenges that come with organ transplants. Many have been met, but many still remain unsolved.

Blood vessel challenges

One of the biggest hurdles to get over organ transplants is the blood supply that is needed for the transplanted organ. A breakthrough in this took place in 1902 for the first time. This was thanks to Alex Carrel.

Eye Transplants

Sight is critically important to everyone. The eyes are also a delicate organ. One of the common occurrences that can take place with the eye is cornea damage. In 1905 the first cornea transplant was performed.

Transplant of Blood

Blood transplants have become so commonplace they are now taken for granted. They are not typically viewed as a transplant, because blood is not considered to be an organ. It seems like blood transfusions have been around for ever. Yet, the first transfusion didn’t take place until 1918. Out of all the discoveries and advances that have been made in transplantation, this perhaps takes the top of the list. When you think about every operation that takes place aside from transplants that require blood transfusions it is easy to recognize its importance.

Kidney Transplant

Transplantations take place in many different parts of the world. Some countries are more advanced in specific transplants than others. The first transplant of a kidney in the US took place in 1954. In the UK the first transplant of a kidney took place in 1960.

Historical data concerning transplants creates a need for the UK government to carry on with its support, not only in funding procedures but for the advancement of science. The future of transplantation is a bright one when the observer considers the slow advancements in technology. Human beings are living in the best time for advancements in transplantation but still must consider the ethics of their decisions.