Raising Money For Organ Transplant

Raising Money For Organ Transplant

Having an organ transplant can be very expensive depending on where you are doing it, and which part you want to get transplanted. The fact that most insurance companies cover only specific aspects of the transplant, the procedure can turn out to be very expensive for individual financing. If you are looking into organ transplant and you want to raise money for it or for your loved one, some of the ways of going about it are:

Share your experience honestly and get personal

There are so many beautiful and personal stories about organ transplants that tugged at people’s hearts. You can become part of the narrative by sharing your experience and appealing to people’s emotions. While sharing your story, you should let people know why the transplant is important to you, what it means when you do not have enough money to go for the organ transplant, and what the future looks like when you get the transplant. Personal stories always have a way of appealing to people as compared to when you just put a random message of needing money without getting honest and personal. Make sure that you have mentioned the name of the hospital, your medical condition and a little about your history. There are some people who may want to counter check the facts before sending you their donation.

Use Social Media

Do not ignore the power of social media when it comes to getting your story out there. Use your social media pages and ask your friends to also help you share the story. While doing your fund drive, you should open up various ways in which people can send their donations so that you can benefit from people who want to participate from different parts of the world. Do not get discouraged if you are not getting as much attention in the early stages. There are sites like GoFundMe where people crowdfund for medical emergencies. Share your story and use the link with your networks.