Tissue Warming Brings New Transplant Hope

Tissue Warming Brings New Transplant Hope

The human body is made up of many different organs and some of these can break down to the point where there can be a life-threatening situation. For this reason scientists are constantly working on finding solutions for successful transplantations.

Some of the challenges that come with organ transplantation is simply not having enough healthy organs available for those in need of a transplant. The other problem is the rejection of the organ once it has been transplanted.

Frozen Organ Heating

<p>There has been a new discovery of frozen organs that can be revived to help those that are in need. Scientists are now able to warm heart valves and the blood vessels needed for the heart so that they can be safely transplanted. The heating ensures that the heart can work well in the new body.

Organ Preservation

This means that donated organs can be preserved for a longer period of time rather than a smaller window of opportunity. It could be only a few hours to get the organ transplanted successfully into the recipient.

This success solves one of the many major problems that comes with transplantation technology.