HIV Organs Bring New Transplant Hope

HIV Organs Bring New Transplant Hope

HIV infected organs

One of the concerns that a lot of organ recipients have is the health of the organ that will be transplanted into them. It is not only their concern but also the concern of the medical industry. While there can be many diseases in what may have been considered healthy organs, one of the major concerns is HIV-infected organs.

There is a fear that many individuals have especially when looking back at how blood transfusions were infected with the HIV virus in rare cases.

HIV Infection Challenges

Those that are stricken with HIV are faced with many challenges. Some deal with this disease that progresses to the point that it is life-threatening. Research has been done on the viability of using HIV-infected organs to transplant into those that have the HIV virus. To date, there has been some success, with two kidneys and two livers being successfully transplanted in HIV patients.

Good News for HIV Community

This is something that the HIV community is looking at with keen interest. Up until now, many people that have needed a transplant have not been able to hold onto the hope of receiving the organ that they need. Now that there has been a success with the transplant it means that those with HIV have the option to be able to donate their own organs to those who have the disease and make a special contribution to a person’s life.


There are risks that come with this type of transplantation because the organ is already affected by the disease.