Transplantation and Body Donation

Transplantation and Body Donation

Everyone looks at transplantation in a different way. Some people feel that there some of their organs would be suitable to donate while others would not feel comfortable donating any. Some people believe that they may not have their family’s blessing to do transplantation donations. However, they may raise another option which is body donation.

Donating to Science

Organs are not transplanted into another living human being with body donation,. This type of donation often goes to medical schools where it is critically important for students to be able to learn firsthand. Medical research requires many different organs and it is a gift to medicine that not enough people are doing.

Sometimes organs are donated to science for experimentation on the different components. This allows for better understanding of how the human body reacts. Bodies that are donated to science are treated with the utmost respect.

There are several options for transplantation. There is the option of being a living donor for organs that are donated from a live person. Then there are the organs that can be donated after death and the option for entire body donation.