Human Organ Transplant Act

Human Organ Transplant Act

All one has to do is look back at the history of transplantation to know that some sort of rules and regulations need to be put in place. The need for the Human Organ Transplant Act dates back to 1989,

The Human Organ Transplant Act demands continuous updating. Partly because the advances in transplantation are taking place at such a rapid rate in modern times. The UK government has to be aware of the advances and adjust the act accordingly but often finds it difficult to keep up.

Among the contents of this act, is the prohibition of the sale of organs. It would be a nightmare if there were no restrictions put on this. It would lead to horrific criminal activity for the profit of organs. It would also entice people to sell their organs or the organs of their loved ones for a profit.

In addition to this act is the human tissue act.

These are acts that many people are not aware of but clear indicators demonstrate how essential it is that the UK government plays a stringent role in transplantation. They have a responsibility to the UK public.